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Hello Stephen and Zach,
Maria and I just want to let you know that we are thrilled about the experience we had with dogsledding. We absolutely would love to come again, when we get a chance to. The dogs were the best! We missed them right away! And as we promised, we made everybody jealous with our pictures and stories Thank you for the wonderful day and we hope to see you and the dogs and ... the moose again in the future!!

We wish you the best!!
Angelika and Maria from Germany
Friday, January 18, 2013

Mark & I had an amazing time!!! Truly exhausting, but unforgettable and well worth it!!! Would definitely go again. Give our dogs.... Snow, Gizzy, Cammy, Rigel, Roy, Little Bug, Teddy, Dove, Raven, Dove #2, Kealy, and North hugs, kisses, and esp a treat from us. Job well done!!! Miss them already.

I must admit tho, after being on this adventure... My advice to anyone that wants to go is:
1). Be in somewhat good shape. The dogs WILL and deserve the help along the trip. It's a long beautiful haul.
2). Start out with the half day if you're not used to or up for the exercise. Lol 3). You don't have to overload on clothes. You will get hot from the workout.
4). Listen to Steve & Zach... They really are very inciteful. The experience is indescribable.
5). Get ready for the time of your life.

My advice to Steve... Just like we talked about on our trip... Communication with Northwoods. Know a little about your clients ( age, looks, sex, etc) before you get there. Gives you the heads up as to what to expect.

Other than that.... I wouldn't change a thing. The trip was amazing, the scenery was gorgeous, and the company couldn't get any better!!!
Zachary Talmadge
Friday, January 04, 2013

Stephen -We had an absolutely wonderful trip! I would never have imagined in '96 that I would be out on the trails with you and the dogs and my son 15 years later. I would not have wanted to do the trip with anyone else you and Zach were awesome. I hope we might be able to do something again in the future, perhaps we will be up that way this summer.
Joel Schlossberg
- Monday, March 07, 2011
I have to say I am quite impressed with your business. I grew up dog sledding in Laconia NH. My Pepere taught my father and my father taught me.

I raced until I was 13. I dream of doing what you do later in my life and wanted to congratulate you on achieving your dreams.

I hope the snow is deep, the woods are peaceful and your dogs are happy. I certainly miss the sound of silence, with the breath of the dogs and the sound of the sled gliding through the snow.

May you be blessed in your endeavors.
Rachel Corriveau
- Monday, January 11, 2010

We had the best time! Everyone is loving the stories and the pictures, hopefully they will get to experience dog sledding with you too! Brian has posted some of the movies on if you want to see them right away (See links below). We would love to add to your collection of photos / movies so we can certainly mail you a CD or flash drive. Brian can load everything on CDs for you once we have your mailing address, or if you prefer a flash drive you can mail that to him (since he is more technically capable than myself)

A video:

A video:

Some pictures:

I really can't thank you enough for such a wonderful trip. There is not one thing about the experience that I would change. You have wonderful dogs and Brian and I are so happy that we had this opportunity. He is already thinking about when we can do it again next year!

Thanks again and say hi to all of the dogs for me!
- Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dear Steve,
It's been several months since we went sledding with you and your dogs.We still are telling our friends how much fun it was to drive our own sled,how beautiful the trip was and how wonderful the dogs were.It is one of our lives more memorable adventures.
We still look at the pictures you took of us driving our team through the snowy woods.
Bill and Amy Bainbridge
- Monday, April 14, 2008
Hi Steve,
I just wanted to thank you again for the great trip we had this past Friday. I had an outstanding time and didn't even notice the wind and cold! I miss the dogs - we all tried to decide which one we would have liked to bring home with us, but of course couldn't decide. I will definitely be back next year! Say hi to all the furry friends for me.
Alice Flanders
- Monday, March 31, 2008
Denise and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful day. We enjoyed ourselves; it was an experience we will never forget.
We especially enjoyed the experience with you. It was great to spend the time with you. Not sure whether Denise cared about you or I, as much as the dogs.
We are already thinking about doing it again. If not this year next.
Thanks again.
We thought you would enjoy the pictures ROY!.
Ken and Denise
- Thursday, March 27, 2008
What a great surprise for April. She hasn't stopped talking about it, especially the lovable dogs that will pull with joy and excitement. She likes telling how she threw me off the runner so she could have the sled to herself. The snow all day may have eliminated the vista views, but the quiet of the woods and the sound of the dogs paws on the snow were a treasure no recording can capture. Thanks for all your time, attention, and wonderful conversation.
Denis and April
- Monday, March 10, 2008
Hi Steve,
We had a wonderful time with you and your great dogs. We have been telling everyone about you and people we know will probably be calling you.

Aside from that how are the dogs? I called you that night to ask about the dogs. That was a rough run for them with our weight and the blowing snow. How were they after that?

We can't stop thinking about how wonderful it was and we want to do it again sometime. We came home and started to work out and both of us are on diets. Bill got the approval for his hip surgery this summer so he will be much better soon.

The dogs are so sweet and beautiful and you are so nice. We think of all of you so often. Take care and write when you get the chance and tell us how you and the dogs are. Thank you for that great cup of tea too Steve.

How is the snow up there?

All best wishes,
Amy and Bill Bainbridge
- Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just a quick note to thank you again for taking us out Saturday. We all had a good time. The views were spectacular and we will treasure our photos and memories of the weekends. Thank you too for being so good with my daughter and your kind words about her EMT studies. I can tell that you really care about young people -- an added bonus! This weekend was a very positive experience for all of us. Thanks again for everything,
Falmouth, ME
- Monday, February 11, 2008
If you could invent a perfect day on this planet, for me it would be dog mushing with Steve Madera of Song in the Woods and his twelve dogs ( I know all of their names now after only three days. He is a remarkable man which explains why he has such wonderful dogs. On our particular trip, we had a choice of leaving at dusk and mushing under a nearly full moon or leaving mid-morning under a cloudless blue sky. What a tough decision..... To read full article, click here
Mary Ann McGarry
- Monday, December 17, 2007
Amy and I had an absolutely amazing time with you and your dogs last weekend. We both love exploring new adventures and love soaking in all of the great outdoors that the Maine wilderness provides us. Your trip was a most excellent combination of these pursuits. Your hands on approach really makes this experience stand out. It is the real deal that is so hard to find nowadays with most outfitters seeking to maximize profit rather than maximizing their guest's experience. You provided a high touch, high value bargain. Thanks again. We hope to do another trip, maybe multi-day, and will be passing on the word to our friends looking for a real north woods adventure.
Thank you,
Ed and Amy.
Cumberland, Maine

-Thursday, March 08, 2007
Hi Steve,
Rhonda, Tyler, and I had such a wonderful time mushing with you and your friends. This is certainly one of those real stand out experiences that we have done! The approach you have with your clients as well as your dogs I would say is your greatest asset. I was very impressed to hear your comment about the dogs, "They are dogs first and sled dogs second"
Rigel, Misha, Skidder, Nakita, Jake, and Li'l Bug will be fondly remembered for a long time to come, they worked very hard for us. Stanzi, Roy, Ripley, Jackson, Sven, and Chico were also very nice and greeted us with lots of face licking, although we didn't want to let Jackson kiss us (ha ha).
Please keep in touch and I believe we will see each other again in the future.
Thank you,
Steve, Rhonda, and Tyler
-Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Hello Stephen!
It was great meeting you and your furry sidekicks last week! We had a great time - thanks so much! You'll definitely see us again next year.
Ginny, Greg, Evan & Alex Ciraldo
Lincolnville, Maine
Pete Cooke
Portland, ME USA
Steve! How ya doin! Great site. Incredible!!!! I'm coming up there this winter. Take care, PC
-Monday, October 31, 2005
-Friday, October 21, 2005
Newton, MA USA
Hi Steve, It's been over a year since my trip with you and your dogs, and it is still one of the best times of my life. I can't wait until winter so I can come up and do it again!
-Tuesday, July 12, 2005
mark maksimowicz
portland, me USA
Steve, been thinking of you. not surprised you pulled this all together. can't believe it's been so long. great website with lots of happy looking folks. Dogs look healthy and happy!
-Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Eric X Brownstein
Bennington, VT USA
Loved the trip, I have never engoyed crossing a frozen lake with someone so much and i dont think i have ever shared compainy as good. Keep up the story telling.
-Friday, May 20, 2005
John Goheen
Wellesley, MA USA
Hey steve, that week i spent with you and your dogs was incredible. being able to work with you and having you be so generous and trusting the first day was so amazing. That experience will last a lifetime. Thanks agian.
John Goheen
-Thursday, May 19, 2005
Ben Shepard
Andover, NH USA
Steve you are an amazing person and what you do is absolutly incredible. It was truely one of the best experiances of my life. Thanks!!
-Thursday, May 19, 2005
Merry Yasek
Boston, MA USA
HI Stephen! Thanks again for the unbelievable trip, I'll never forget dogsledding under that full moon on the last night, the whole experience was awesome. Say hi to the dogs- hope jake and little bug haven't been too crazy lately. Have a good summer!
-Thursday, May 19, 2005
Saka Croteau
Avondale, PA USA
Hey Stephen!! I miss you! Thanks for the amazing project period, hope you and the dogs are doing well!
-Thursday, May 19, 2005
Annie MacKenzie
andover, nh USA
Steve - What an INCREDIBLE trip. The students are still talking about it and we have had several approach us about going next year. You are truly an inspiration and a friend! Thank you so much! Give our love to the dogs! Thanks
-Thursday, May 12, 2005
Gerry St.Laurent
Athol, Ma USA
Stephan, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family and friends. Just A quick note to let everyone know that Santa Claus left me a note this morning saying I'll be joing you in a one day adventure on a dog sled sometime in March, See you in a few months.
-Saturday, December 25, 2004
Herzebrock, NRW Germany
hey susan&steve!
right now i'm sitting at school...i'm doing some research about "wine" - well, at least i'm supposed to ;) i remembered this page and that i haven't visited it for years... i'm done with school in may and i hope to come visit you sometime again - how long has it been since i saw you???
viele gre aus der ferne :)
-Wednesday, December 15, 2004
-Sunday, November 14, 2004
David Ziemer
Orneville, Me USA
HI Steve:
It was a great trip. This is a good website. I will discuss with Jane what type of sledding trip she wants to take.
-Thursday, August 26, 2004
Heather Madera
Canandaigua, NY USA
Page 4 is missing! of the pictures Love ya dad!
-Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Greg Gelinas
Portland, ME USA
-Monday, July 05, 2004
Excellent site!!
-Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Tim Handle
Miami, Florida USA
I love your site
-Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Patty(Brawn)&Jim Langford
Circle Pines, mn USA
We have had the best time visiting the Dexter website.It has brought back so many memories.I graduated from DHS in the class of 1964.
-Sunday, December 28, 2003
bigspring, tx USA
stephen--i want to come to maine in jan. or feb. ---want to sled with you and pan--please let me know when you have available time---i willl make my plans according to yours--thanks--kathy
-Friday, December 12, 2003
sydney, NSW Australia
Top page, alas, I am in Oz... :-)
-Friday, December 05, 2003
Judy Wilbur Craig
Dexter, ME USA news in Central Maine
We hope you have a great winter 2003-04 Sled Dog season......

-Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Pegg Fiume
Wethersfield, CT USA
Hey Steve! It's me again, your FAVORITE cousin. I just had to comment on the dogsled adventure you took me and my 76 year old mother on. We had a blast and you managed to customize it to our needs. So, now it's time to take me and mine hiking!!!! See you in September (sounds like a song I remember)! Give Pan a hug and pat Sue on the head for me. Sorry Sue, just had to say that.
-Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Jack Little
Abbot, me USA
hey steve hows it going? pretty good here. how are the dogs? hope their well. i just managed to find ur site by accident when i was looking around. wicked cool pics u have on here. right now i'm at school and figured i'd say hello to everyone.well g2g.bye.
ps.B.J. said hi too! his e-mail is if u want to send anything to him. looking forward to hereing fom u.bye.
-Wednesday, March 26, 2003
marie ghiosis
-Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Duane Caron
Kennebunk, me USA
Big Pine Riders
Thank You for becoming a business member of the Big Pine Riders Snowmobile club. I have added a link from our site to yours.
-Wednesday, February 26, 2003
Judy Craig
Dexter, ME USA Local News
I hope you and your dogs are staying warm in the "cold" weather....
Talk to you soon!
-Thursday, February 13, 2003
Lisa Vienna (Madera)
Manchester, NY USA

Happy New Year Uncle Stephen!! I love you're site. Hope you are enjoying the snow!! Say Hi to Susan for us!
-Friday, January 03, 2003
janet willie
bethel, me USA
stephen, i am in Germany and have had several dreams with you in them. Perhaps you have a contact or information or need something from me while I am here.
Return on the 22nd of april.
(tough finding zour email on the web, due to not being able to access zou at the librarz.)
love, janet
-Tuesday, April 09, 2002
Heather Madera
Canandaigua, Ny USA
Hi dad how's it going? School is going good. I've had a major test already!!!!!! And that was on the first week only after 4days! Anyways got to go Love ya.
-Thursday, March 14, 2002
Takefumi Kikusui
Boston, MA USA
Hi Stephen!
We all thank you that we had a wonderful and unforgettabletrip. Sky was blue, snow field was shining, of course the dogs were lovely and frendly. Thank you again and give my regards to your friends and dogs.
-Monday, March 12, 2001
Judy Wilbur Craig
Dexer, ME` USA
Hi there! Just thought I would check on you and the dogs! Hope your having a good winter......
-Wednesday, January 31, 2001
Keith & Martha Flewelling
Parkman, ME USA
Steve, very nice photos and a great web page!
-Saturday, November 18, 2000
michael neumann
herzebrock, germany
hi stephen and all around you. we liked to see this site again; the girls made a riddle, what are the names of the dogs on the photos and than check. was quit good. we are curious, when we have the chance to go for a tour - we are working on it. best regards, we cross our fingers for a lot of snow and a good season, bye bye, lena, eva, michael
-Saturday, October 07, 2000
Beth Lewis
monson, me USA
hey, steve
just thought i would check out your website and see what it was like.
-Friday, September 08, 2000
Peggy Fiume
Wethersfield, CT USA
Hey Steve!!! It's me, your FAVORITE cousin. Aunt Marian gave me your site address and I am looking through it and am enjoying every minute. Great photos, great info. Well, I do want to take a summer adventure and will get in touch with you soon.
-Tuesday, July 11, 2000
Heather Madera
Tacoma, Wa USA
Hi there dad. Cool site. The dogs look really great. I hope to get out there soon and maybe even go dogsledding with your gandchildren and you. Pan has gotten big!!! Well tell Illuga and Pan I ssaid "Hi"! I'll tell everyone I know about the site.
-Tuesday, April 18, 2000
surrey, london UK
I think that what you have done is just fobulous i was wondering if you write songs if so can you e mail me babck and tell me and also give your name and age please thanks alot for making me have a great time on you web site
bye hope to here from you soon
-Friday, March 31, 2000
Alvin T. Bolster
Nazareth, PA USA
Your site is interesting, the fact that you are a Maine Guide might be quite helpful in my quesr for "Endless Lake" also known as "Trout Pond." We use to fly in there 50 years ago, in a sea plane from Houlton. Can you tell me where it is? I've lost it, and I'd like to get it back. Thanks, Al
-Monday, February 14, 2000
Ralph Biddle
Fair Haven, NJ USA
Looking forward to your unforgettable dogsled adventure
-Monday, February 07, 2000
John McLeod
Greenville, Me USA
McLeod's Fly Fishing Service
I have known Steven for quite a few years. We've spent alot of time cogitating on the banks of rivers and sitting in my home. Steve is a man that I respect and trust with our great outdoors. Any day with Steve will be a good day.
-Thursday, February 03, 2000
steve goodwin
hampden, me USA
-Friday, January 28, 2000
Brian Madera
Shortsville, NY USA
I told you I would check out your web sight. Kool!!
-Sunday, January 16, 2000
Laura Schrock
Shipshewana, IN USA
-Sunday, January 16, 2000
Alicia Marquis
Garland, ME USA
I've ridden with Steve before and it was a joy!!!!!!!!!!!The dogs were really nice .
-Saturday, January 15, 2000
Alicia Marquis
Garland, ME USA
I've ridden with Steve before and it was a joy!!!!!!!!!!!The dogs were really nice .
-Saturday, January 15, 2000
Ann Marquis
Garland , ME USA
We have gone sledding with Steve and the dogs several times and it has always been a great family experience. I recommend dog sledding with Steve as a fun family adventure!
-Saturday, January 15, 2000
Leah Karker
Rockland, ME USA
I can't wait for my 13th birthday when I FINALLY get to go dogsledding.
-Thursday, January 13, 2000
Bruce Diamond
Rochester, ny USA
I have known Steve for many years. I am proud to say you'll never find any one better to share this kind of experience with.
-Thursday, January 13, 2000
Andrea Kirk
Alpine, TX USA
Happy Birthday on the 14th. Your site looks great. The photos are wonderful. Say hi to Pan and Alluga for me.
-Wednesday, January 12, 2000
Elisha Gabriell
Colorado Springs, Co. USA
Hello! Your site is very inviting! Someday (when i can afford to) I would very much love to go dogsledding.
-Saturday, January 01, 2000
Lace Shumway (LeRoy)
Greenville, ME USA
Just checking it out looks great! Steve!
Shannon LeRoy
-Monday, December 20, 1999
Chris Dorman
Dexter, ME USA
Nice puppies............
-Monday, December 20, 1999
Christine McKenney
Parkman, Me USA
By the Wayside Bed and Breakfast
Dear Steve,

I want to wish you success in your new venture. What an exciting outing...dogsledding! We will be sure to pass out your brochures to interested guest who visit us. Now we need....... snow, snow, snow!

Sincerely, Mike and Christine
-Friday, December 17, 1999
Sue McAvoy
Sangerville, Me USA
Judy Craig Consulting
What a great Christmas present this would make.
Great Idea. Let It Snow !!!!
-Wednesday, December 15, 1999
Scott Wintle
Dexter, Me USA
My Home Page
Nice Site
-Wednesday, December 15, 1999
Judy Wilbur Craig
Dexter, ME USA
Judy Craig Consulting
"Think Snow"........
-Wednesday, December 15, 1999

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